5 Simple Reasons Why SEO Is Important

The rolling out of Google’s “Search Plus Your World,” an update to Google’s universally popular search engine that influences logged-in users to receive socially shared content and markup in the results particularly those from Google+, has provided professional SEO Marketers and Search Engine Optimization Experts many good reasons to start using Google+ as part of their SEO Campaign.

As Google continues to take its weight in search and leveraging it to boost Google+ in a big way, turning Google+ into an essential social network for a Search Engine Optimization Company, having a Google+ account could mean that you potentially can have your Google+ page leap to the top in search engine results.

So, how can you leverage Google+ popularity and relevance in Google’s search?

Here are some Google+ Marketing Tips that you รับทำ seo  can use to promote and market your business:

Personalize your Page URL

Creating your own “vanity URL” can be a smart SEO strategy when it comes to branding your online presence. With Google plus, at www (dot) plus (dot) to, you can create a custom URL, which will redirect a user to your Google+ page. This link is more user-friendly and branded for your business or organization.

Update your Profile

Google+ essentially taking over the number one spot for a lot of brand names, personal names, and big sites could be very beneficial for you as Google+ is clearly the best and easiest way to get +1’d as everything that you have ever +1’d and placed on Google+ are going to appear in those thousands of people’s search results higher than it normally would.

Promote your Google+ Page

It is very important to promote your Google+ page from your website and other online presences. With Google+, you can tap into features such as Google Badges that lets you create and customize your badge at the Google+ configuration tool page which will generate a script that you’ll code into your website to enable and display the badge. Having a Google Badge will enable your website to display a link to their Google+ page.

Moreover, Google’s +1 button will provide you a high chance of generating traffic from Google+ than websites that don’t have the button installed, as +1 button to your company’s website or blog allows visitors to recommend it with a single click.

Google+ Adoption from People your Circle Knows

Google+ has a link that allows you to appear in searches that other people in your circle are commonly searching. Google+ provides you the ability to have endorsements of your brand from people that your customers already know.

Generate a Suggested Circles List

Make a prioritized list of suggested circles both for your Google+ Business and personal profiles. You should put this list on the upper most part of the About Tab of your business or profile page. In this way, visitors can then easily get to know your business focus, which will encourage them to further explore your descriptive bio or company introduction, and lead to more connections

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