LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips For Financial Services Professionals

LinkedIn is an incredible resource that can ignite your lead generation program. With over 55 million members, LinkedIn has become a frequently visited website for business professionals. However, like any social media resource, LinkedIn requires discipline and a simple plan with a defined objective.

In this case, your goal is two-fold: 1) Grow your list of contacts and 2) Become the ‘go-to’ person for Financial services questions. This article will give you a headstart on both of these goals and get you moving in the right direction.

Make LinkedIn A Part of Your Contact Process

Its second-nature for you to collect business cards and include your new contact in a prospect database (even if that database is just a card-file). To get the maximum benefit from LinkedIn, make it a habit to immediately send a LinkedIn request to your contact. This immediate follow-up shows that you are attentive and usually leads to an immediate acceptance of your invitation.

Once the prospect is included in your network, they will be able to see your status updates and get alerts when you have updated your information. This gives your prospect a feeling of community and helps keep you top-of-mind during their work-day.

Add Your Website URL to Your Profile

When you sign-up for LinkedIn, you will be give the opportunity to add your website address to your profile. Make sure you do this. Here’s a tip. Instead of just using your homepage, put the link to your free-consultation squeeze page. You can get details on this from subscribing to my free report in the resource box below. Using your squeeze page turns your profile into an active and effective lead-generation tool. Read more for information about Portafina

Get Involved with LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn offers a Question & Answer service to it’s members. Anyone member who has a question can post it on LinkedIn and get immediate feedback from any user registered with the website. Regularly posting answers to questions in your niche is a powerful way to establish your authority and nab new clients. For maximum results, commit at least 15 minutes a week to answering questions.

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