A Few Questions That You Should Ask Any SEO Agency

Is SEO hard? It purely depends on the size of your site and exactly what you want to achieve. However, even if you know SEO, and you know how it works and what to do, you may still decide than an SEO Agency is the right choice for you because in your busy lifestyle you don’t have the necessary time required to do everything that is in the best interest of your business and your website in order to achieve the rankings that you need to see. This article will address a few of the main points that should cover with an SEO Agency prior to hiring their services – any SEO Agency should be able to answer these questions and if they can’t then they really aren’t worth the money.

The first thing you need to ask is for demonstrable results that they have achieved for previous clients. The best way to get a mark on what a SEO Agency can do is by getting them to prove exactly what they have done for their other clients – if they can’t provide this information then you really should look somewhere else. As a small business owner, you are also obviously concerned about how you are likely to be charged – in many instances small business owners find that they are better off hiring the services of an experienced freelancer. While this can be somewhat riskier than hiring an SEO Agency, it can also save you that extra bit of money that you can inevitably plough into other marketing channels. In this respect you need to ask the freelancer, or the SEO Agency, exactly what they will be charging you for. Some Agencies have been known to charge well in excess of two hundred pounds for a single article submission – needless to say, this is unreasonable. Los Angeles Web Design Agency¬†

The final thing you should do before hiring anyone is get a better grasp on their knowledge. There are in the region of 200 ranking factors Google looks to when evaluating a website. Of these ranking factors only a handful are important and any good SEO Agency or freelancer should be able to tell you what they will be doing to tailor your campaign around these factors. Some of the main rankings factors include Meta optimisation, content development, internal linking and needless to say, link building and anchor text optimisation.


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